In those days there was lead in petrol


How toxic is your car exhaust

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Every summer we would drive to France, taking the ferry from Portsmouth canada goose uk shop to Le Havre. As we were about to dock, people would get into their cars and start their engines.

canada goose outlet ottawa There would be a 10 or 15 canada goose factory sale minute delay before the doors opened and the cars started uk canada goose down the gangplank on to French soil. Until that happened, exhaust fumes began to fill the car deck. canada goose outlet ottawa

My dad would rail against the practice. canada goose He would tap on people’s canada goose uk black friday windows and ask them to turn off their engines. In those days there was lead in petrol, but the main problem was carbon monoxide.

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Three weeks later I am near Wandsworth Bridge, stuck in a line of traffic that jerks Canada Goose sale forward a foot or two at a time.

canada goose outlet in uk It Canada Goose Online is early July, London is in the grip of a heatwave and Melvyn, my 23 year old VW Golf, has no air con. canada goose outlet in uk

I have my window open and you can almost chew the 30C Canada Goose Jackets air a soupy sludge made from the exhaust gases of the cars, buses and vans around us.

Beth, my partner, asks me to close the window for the sake of our 11 week old baby asleep in the back.

We start to argue about which is worse for our daughter overheating or exhaust fumes.

The windows are shut, the car gets buy canada goose jacket cheap warmer, but at least we are keeping canada goose clearance sale the noxious gases out. Or some of them.

These two experiences will lead, months later, to a family experiment. Father and son, two cars, and the same type of emissions test that rumbled VW.

We want to find out canada goose outlet whose car is worst for human health.

The result is interesting. But the real surprise is that few people really know what their cars are doing to us, and that some new cars are far, far worse than others, and even worse than some old cars.

I’d been thinking about London’s air ever since Beth and I moved back from a year in the French countryside.

canada goose outlet in montreal In January 2017, a month after our return, London briefly overtook Beijing for levels of particulates tiny soot particles that can lodge canada goose black friday sale in the lungs or enter the bloodstream. canada goose outlet in montreal

canada goose outlet online store review Londoners were advised to reduce their physical activity, particularly outdoors. canada goose outlet online store review

canada goose outlet mall Across the UK, vehicle pollution in the form of particulates and nitrogen oxides was killing 40,000 people per year, according to government figures. canada goose outlet mall

Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Burnley, Chelmsford, Derby, Leeds, Northampton, and Sheffield were just some of the canada goose uk outlet towns and cities mentioned for exceeding limits on nitrogen dioxide.

Hang on, I thought, weren’t engines supposed to be getting cleaner?

The Volkswagen scandal two years cheap Canada Goose ago showed just how untrustworthy official emissions figures were for diesels.

While particulates are the achilles heel of older diesels, new diesels have efficient particulate filters.

canada goose outlet locations in toronto What they struggle to control is Canada Goose Coats On Sale NOx oxides of nitrogen, the most harmful of which is nitrogen dioxide. canada goose outlet locations in toronto

In the US, researchers believe there is a strong link between inhaling nitrogen oxides and lung and heart problems, and this has resulted in tighter emission limits.

In order to get its diesels into the country, VW realised it would have to cheat.

canada goose outlet uk fake So it installed “defeat devices” in the car’s on board computer that would recognise when a test was taking place and lower NOx emissions for the duration of the test. canada goose outlet uk fake

For older cars petrol or diesel emissions figures simply aren’t available.

canada goose outlet eu Even if you trust the official figures issued when they were first made, the engines will have become less efficient and more polluting over time canada goose outlet eu.